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Shop online for your favourite brands and discover different products from a big variety of retailers in the UK, Italy, Poland, Germany, USA and soon Asia.

Broaden your shopping horizons by exploring new markets today and have your parcels delivered to Romania at low costs.

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International Delivery Schedule

Delivery prices start from as low as 17,98 RON !

Check below the countries you can order from including the departure and arrival days to Romania:

Origin Country Departure Days Transit Time*
Great Britain  Tuesday and Friday  7-8 days
Poland Thursday 4-5 days
Italy Friday 4-5 days
Germany Friday 3-4 days
USA Saturday 10-11 days

*Up to our central warehouse (Flagship) in Bucharest

Delivery Options

How would you like to receive your parcel?

Once you receive your email notification that your parcel is in Romania, please visit your EshopWedrop Account and select the delivery option that is most convenient to you.

Choose from one of the following delivery options available:

  • Home / Work address
  • Collection point
  • EshopWedrop Flagship (collection warehouse)


Flagship in Bucharest


FAN Courier Ebox

FAN Courier Collect Point

Urgent Cargus Ship&Go


Door – FAN Courier

Door – Urgent Cargus

Parcel Calculator

Please enter your estimated parcel’s information to automatically calculate it's delivery cost.

Delivery price:00,00 Lei*

Prices are calculated according the Tariffs list.

Parcel’s Tracking

Easily track the journey of your parcel!

Simply enter the tracking number of your parcel and click “Track”. The system will show you the current location of your parcel. For your convenience you can use both: the original tracking number from the shipper, or the parcel ID which was provided by the EshopWedrop system.

Benefits of using EshopWedrop

Looking for a reason to start using EshopWedrop today?
We have 5 for you!

  • Cost Effective International parcel delivery starts from just 17.98 RON
  • Easy to Use Less time shipping means more time enjoying your new items 
  • More choices Access to quality products and iconic brands at low prices
  • Track your Parcel Easily track the journey of your parcel
  • We speak your language A global service supported with high quality and caring customer support

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