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Important Announcement – Delivery Delays

Delivery Delays from Italy to Romania

That’s it! You found the perfect price on an Italian online store!
Now, it’s time to save on delivery costs by using EshopWedrop to deliver your parcel in Romania.

If that’s your case, then we strongly recommend you having a look on the last delivery update so to ensure your parcel is home on time.

August is meant to be the summer holidays time for Italians.
Thus, we would like to let you know that during the month of August, the Italian Warehouse where your parcels are first being delivered will be partly working.

Please check below the August Delivery Departures:

3rd of August - The last transport from Italy to Romania
31st of August - The first transport from Italy to Romania

During this time feel free to order any parcels you want but please be aware of the any delays might be caused.

EshopWedrop gives you unlimited choices when it comes to online shopping!
Choose the country you want to shop from and EshopWedrop will deliver your parcel to your home in Romania!

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Amazon Prime Day October 2023
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