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Have you ever thought how much you can save when shopping online from Europe and the USA?
Our Sales hunting team have made a shopping research for you to show you how you can save when shopping online in Europe and the USA while receiving your orders in Romania!

We chose 3 products from 3 different product categories.
We searched all the EshopWedrop online markets to find the best price.

Voila! We found the same product but in different online market than the Lithuanian one in much better price!
Have a look on the products price comparison below:

1.Calvin Klein Jeans Tada Shoes 
Shop from Romania –  550RON
Shop from Germany – 455RON

2. Lego Bucket Wheel Excavator
Shop from Romania – 1100RON
Shop from UK – 774RON

3. Lelit Anita PL 042TEMD Espresso Machine
Shop from Romania – 3000RON
Shop from Italy – 1510RON

You know what it’s even better? You can make the product you want yours, simply by letting EshopWedrop to deliver your online orders to you while saving on delivery costs!
Find how EshopWedrop works HERE

Happy Shopping
EshopWedrop Team


*Prices might differ depending on products’ availability.

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