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Brexit delay latest update

Have you heard the latest news? Brexit has been delayed until Halloween!

Whether the UK brEXITS or stays, there is one thing we know for sure, it will always be one of the most popular shopping destinations worldwide and we want to help you take advantage of that!

Shop from the UK - Receive your parcels in Romania!

The warm season is here and brought with it is the Mid-Season SALES!
With many shopping choices, great quality items and incredible offers, the great British charm is all wrapped up!

This isn’t all! The UK always surprises you with its shopping variety… but there’s one thing in particular that all mums out there will love - ALL kids items qualify for 0% VAT!!!
Whether it’s toys, clothing or books the UK market knows how to treat parents and kids exclusively!

Until the UK Government announces a final Brexit decision, we are definitely VOTING SHOPPING!

Shop from the UK and receive in Romania with low delivery costs:

  • Shop from your favourite online shops in the UK
  • At the online shop’s checkout page, instead of using your actual address, use your personal EshopWedrop UK delivery address, (that can be found in your EshopWedrop Account) so to qualify for lower delivery costs
  • EshopWedrop will receive your parcels at the EshopWedrop UK delivery address and from here will arrange the delivery of them to you in Romania!
  • We will notify you once your parcels have arrived in Romania! Choose the delivery option that is most convenient to you, including home delivery or collection from your nearest pickup point.

By following just 4 simple steps, you can have your parcels delivered from the UK to you in Romania, without spending a fortune on delivery costs!

Our team is always on the lookout for amazing sales from the most popular brands in the UK, so why not follow us on Facebook and include them in your Summer Wishlist?

Enjoy shopping ladies and gentlemen,
EshopWedrop Team

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uk available again
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