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3 tips to survive the lockdown

Miss meeting with friends or simply go out for a walk and get some fresh air?
One of the nastier aspects of the pandemic is that it turns your friends and all that you do to show them affection – hug and kiss, share meals and drinks – into a deadly threat. Staying home is the best thing to do these days, so let’s try and see what we can do to survive or even enjoy ourselves!

Working from home with kids?
Working from home could be challenging and sometimes feels like there is nothing to keep kids entertained! So, why not brighten your little one’s and your day up? Make home schooling a fun time with some new educational toys, books, Montessori activities, arts and crafts or even board games you can order online from the UK, the perfect country to shop from as it offers 0% VAT to all kids products (!!) and EshopWedrop will deliver your orders to you in Romania without the need to get out of your house!

It’s time to take care of YOURSELF!
How long have you been thinking to start exercising? Now it is more important than ever, to lift your energy and cardio level to a new high! Transform your lounge into your personal gym easily by adding a yoga mat and maybe some extra fitness accessories like exercise weights, exercise balls and mats, exercise traps and bands or skipping ropes! You can order them all online from Europe & USA and EshopWedrop will deliver them to your door! Find a huge selection of online shops here, choose the one you like and EshopWedrop will deliver your parcel to you! If exercising isn’t let’s say the most enjoyable activity for you, then how about some home SPA sessions while having a nice glass of wine (oops!!). From skincare products and beauty sets, to amazing scented candles and aromatherapy diffusers you can make your house the perfect place to be! Oh, and don’t forget to add some nice relaxing music it can bring lots of positive vibes!

Start a DYI project!
Time to swipe up your phone and start painting! Well don’t worry if art wasn’t your favourite subject at school, we are talking about wall painting of course! Refreshing the colour of the walls around you can have a massive influence on your mood. Think how it will feel having breakfast in a bright coloured kitchen before hiding into the office (aka living room) where the walls are now covered in the wallpaper of your dreams! Amazon keeps going on with deliveries and so do lots of other online shops in Europe, so why not having them ordered online and get your redecorating project started!

There are plenty of other activities we are sure you can think about! Just please make sure you stay home to keep yourself and others safe. If you need to buy something, shopping online is the best option you can have as your parcels will arrive straight to your door without the need to wait on a queue. Keep your shopping trip out just for food and necessities while for the rest let EshopWedrop deliver your parcels!

EshopWedrop is a parcels delivery service that helps you deliver all your online orders from Europe & USA to Romania with very low delivery cost!

Here is how EshopWedrop works:

  • Sign up with the promo code HAPPYU, it takes just 1 minute and it’s FREE!
  • Once your account is activated you get access to your International American & European shopping addresses!
  • Shop from any online shop abroad and on the check-out page just use your new shopping addresses.

For example, if you want to shop from eBay UK, add the products you want in the basket and on the check-out page instead of using your house delivery addresses just use your EshopWedrop UK address. EshopWedrop will receive your parcel and deliver it to your home in the lowest possible delivery cost!

Welcome Offer – Using EshopWedrop for the first time? Place an international order and we will deliver your 1st delivery for FREE*!!!

Whatever you are doing remember that every day is a new day and it’s up to us to make it a remarkable one! #staysafe

*Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for the Free EshopWedrop delivery,  create your account today, verify your identity and unlock your personal EshopWedrop Delivery addresses. The free EshopWedrop delivery discount will be activated automatically and be valid for one month from activation of your account (the moment you unlock your EshopWedrop delivery addresses). This discount is valid only for EshopWedrop delivery charges up to the value of 10 EUR and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered by EshopWedrop

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Summer 2024
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