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The Ultimate packing list 2019

Holiday season is ON! Are you ready?

Everyone gets excited when it comes to holidays, but when it comes to packing…not so much. What if something gets left at home? What kind of holiday is this? Am I packing too much? Am I packing the right things? These are just a few questions that pop into your mind around holidays!

No worries! We have it sorted for you! In order to have the most amazing holiday in the world (literally), just use these simple tips:

  1. Don’t forget the essentials
    • Documents – Passport covers and other stylish travel accessories - John Lewis UK – up to 50% OFF Sales
    • Chargers – Portable chargers - Amazon USA - Up to 40% OFF Sales
    • Lingerie – Italian quality - Intimissimi Italy – up to 50% OFF Sales
    • Money – Holiday wallets – Allegro Poland – up to 80% OFF Sales
  2. Got to have your tech
    • Camera Curry’s PC UK – up to 30% OFF Sales
    • Travel adapters – Do it their way – Allegro Poland - up to 80% OFF Sales
    • Smart suitcase – For the tech lovers – Ebay USA
    • Portable luggage scaleAmazon UK – up to 30% OFF Sales
  3. Keep healthy and safe!
    • Sun cosmeticsCDiscount France – up to 90% OFF Sales
    • First aid kit – Better safe than sorry, especially on roadtrips - Allegro Poland
    • Medicine – Stay healthy the green way with the deals from Holland & Barrett UK
    • Water bottle – Sun needs hydration, but also a cool designed water bottle! – Huge variety on Amazon Italy
  4. Holiday fashion
  5. Keep the kids happy

We figured it all out so that you and your dear ones can enjoy your holiday to the max! All you have to do now is just follow these three simple steps!

How does EshopWedrop works?

  1. Shop online from your favourite stores in USA and Europe
  2. Use your personal EshopWedrop delivery address at the online shop’s checkout page (this can be found in your EshopWedrop account, upon registering)
  3. Have your parcels delivered to a convenient place of your choice or to a collection point in Romania

The summer months are approaching fast which means some much-needed shopping is calling!

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Happy shopping and happy traveling!
EshopWedrop Team

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