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Surprise! Your new Advent Calendar is here!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and the magic of Christmas has begun to fill our spirts. To help share the Christmas cheer this year, EshopWedrop is eager and ready to help you count down the days to Christmas; by treating you to our digital Advent Calendar. Our charming Advent Calendar is here to help you welcome the Christmas festive period with open arms, by giving you the chance to win an exciting treat every day!

At EshopWedrop we believe that no matter how old you are, there is a kid in you always waiting for a gift to arrive!

Don’t have an EshopWedrop profile?
To avoid missing out on a chance of winning 25 exciting gifts quickly and easily create a profile today by clicking here.

Naughty or nice – the EshopWedrop Advent calendar is here for you!
From the 1st to 25th of December, the opportunity to win one treat every day could be waiting for you!

How does the Advent Calendar work?

EshowpWedrop are giving you 25 free gifts and these are waiting for you to unlock on the day every day for free! All you need to do is visit your personal EshopWedrop profile and open the window of the Advent Calendar!

Don’t have an EshopWedrop profile yet? Don’t panic, it’s free and easy to create one today, so just click the link here and follow the steps.

What could I win?

This year we are giving away:

1. Amazon E-Gift Vouchers
EshopWedrop are giving away Amazon e-gift vouchers. These can be used to shop from Amazon USA and then have your parcels delivered to Romania.

2. Free EshopWedrop Delivery
Specially for Christmas, EshopeWedrop are treating you to a chance to win FREE* delivery!

3. Reward Drops
Reward Drops are waiting for you behind the window! It’s free to open and win!

Have not joined our Rewards Programme yet?
It’s free and easy to join today, just click the link here and follow the steps.

4. Christmas Carols
A Christmas Carol fanatics dream! At this joyous time of the year listing to Christmas Carols can help to make the grinch in all of us feel more cheerful. So, this year opening a door on the advent Calendar can bring you extra celebratory cheer to your day! Who knows, it could be your favourite song this year!

A Gleeful & Festive Tip from EshopWedrop!

There is a guaranteed chance of winning a gift for everyone every day, so make sure you are checking daily, as we’d hate for you to miss out on the excitement!

To participate on the Advent Calendar and to be in for the chance to win a gift, you will need to have an EshopWedrop account that has been fully activated. If you are not a member yet, it’s free and easy to create a profile today. Simply click the link here and follow the easy steps to create your profile.

Merry Christmas!

*Terms & Conditions

  1. Each registered and identified user will have one chance per day during the 1st December to 25th December to win gifts in form of an Amazon e-gift voucher, an EshopWedrop eVoucher, Reward Drops or enjoy a Christmas Carol by making the daily claim in the EshopWedrop Advent Calendar.
  2. To claim your Reward Drops gift you will have to join the EshopWedrop Drops Rewards Program within 6 days (144 hours) from the time you won the gift. Collecting Reward Drops allows you to use the value gathered towards your EshopWedrop deliveries payments from Europe and the USA! The claimed Reward Drops will automatically be added to your EshopWedrop Drops Statement. This will only be applicable if you have joined our Drops Rewards Program within 6 days (144 hours) after winning the Reward Drops gift.
  3. Each EshopWedrop eVoucher will be with value, currency and validity period as displayed in the Advent Calendar. The validity period will be for 60 days beginning with the day of winning regardless of the day of claiming it. To claim your EshopWedrop eVocuher you will have to click the Claim button for each EshopWedrop eVoucher gift. The claiming will be possible within 6 days (144 hours) after winning the gift. After claiming, the eVoucher will be activated automatically in your EshopWedrop account as a discount code with value, currency and validity period as specified on the EshopWedrop eVoucher gift in the Advent Calendar. The validity period will be for 60 days beginning with the day of winning the EshopWedrop eVoucher gift regardless of the day of claiming it.
  4. Each Amazon eGift Voucher will be issued under the applicable Amazon Terms & Conditions and can be redeemed accordingly on the issuing Amazon website. All Amazon eGift Vouchers won will be visible on the Advent Calendar, in your personal EshopWedrop account, for you to claim, view or copy the code until the 31st December 2020. Unidentified Users who won Amazon eGift Vouchers will need to get their EshopWedrop account status as identified within 6 days (144 hours) after winning in order to be able to claim and view the code of the Amazon eGift Voucher. The unique code for the Amazon eGift Voucher will be displayed for Identified Customers in the Advent Calendar until 31st of December, 2020. You will have to use this code on the issuing Amazon website to claim in actual value which you will be able to use then for online shopping from the issuing Amazon website.
  5. Non - registered EshopWedrop website visitors will firstly have to create an EshopWedrop account in order to be able to win daily gifts on the Advent Calendar.
  6. Registered users who haven't proceeded on identifying their account, will be able to access the Advent Calendar and try their chance to win daily gifts. But will first have to complete their EshopWedrop account identification process in order to claim any of their won gifts. The Identfication must be done within 6 days (144 hours) after winning the gift. In case Identification not finalized and confirmed within 6 days (144 hours) after winning the gift, the gift will expire and will not be possible to be claimed anymore.
  7. The Advent Calendar will be active and displayed in EshopWedrop users accounts from 1st of December to 31st of December, 2020.

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