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EshopWedrop donates to Bursa de Fericire (Happiness Exchange)

We are proud to announce our support to the Dăruiește Viață and the Bursa de Fericire (Happiness Exchange). EshopWedrop has made an initial donation of €250, which helps take the total value raised by Bursa de Fericire to over €16 million

Bursa de Fericire is the online fundraising platform of the Dăruiește Viață Association, used for healthcare investment projects to support the needs of children with cancer.

From Individual to corporate donations, Dăruiește Viață uses these investments to construct vital medical facilities. These facilities include sterile rooms, laboratories, oncology clinics, operating rooms, intensive care units, stem cell transplant units and radiotherapy clinics. All investments are allotted in an efficient, transparent way, so that every investor can see how and where their money was invested.

Mircea Bandean, Managing Director, EshopWedrop commented “Due to the lack of investment in the Romanian public medical sector, projects such as Bursa de Fericire are vital to support the wellbeing of children with cancer in Romania. Dăruiește Viață’s revolutionary work and the building of the first Oncology and Radiotherapy Hospital in Romania is evidence of this and EshopWedrop are delighted to align ourselves with the Association. ”

Join us and Bursa de Fericire in helping spreading happiness to the lives of children suffering with cancer in Romania. Big or small, yours and our involvement means a lot. To experience personal joy, simply help deliver happiness to those who are really deserving of it.

Click here to donate.

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Summer 2024
Summer 2024
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